Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Autumn's Song

"I have loved flowers that fade,
Within whose magic tents
Rich hues have marriage made
With sweet unmemoried scents:
A honeymoon delight,
A joy of love at sight,
That ages in an hour
My song be like a flower!."
                                                        Robert Bridges


Michele said...

Yes, pretty and the season is shutting down the life as we see it... preparing it for sleep, so that we may again enjoy it when the soils warm up once more.
Mountain Retreat

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you came by my blog and commented! these photos and the poem are perfect examples of the dead, dying and ageless beauty of the seasons. the grouping of three blossoms all in a different sphere of focus is great! and as soon as i came over here i remembered i had started my blog travels from your blog the other day and one of the places i ended up was diane verner's. amongst many others. them my browser suddenly quite and all those places were lost since i hadn't bookmarked them. i think i came to see you from debi at emmatree..... isn't the blog universe a fun place to live?

Anonymous said...

p.s. i clicked on the coneflower to see it larger and it really is stunning.! it is such a small file and yet you have captured good sharpness and color...would you mind sharing your photo prep process with me?

2sweetnsaxy said...

Lovely shot and fitting for the poem.

troutbirder said...

The vibrancy of these coneflowers is stunning. I love them. Thanks