Monday, January 11, 2010

Late Afternoon at Natirar

Late afternoon at Natirar. We still have some snow on the ground. This was taken right after Christmas, when all the snow had been washed away. I actually shot it through the car window as my husband was driving. I love the way the land folds in on itself. Maybe I should have been a landscape architect. :)

Happy Monday, dear bloggers!


Char said...

beautiful color tones

Country Girl said...

I can see you as a landscape architect. Hurry! There's still time to get a degree!

Kidding. Well, sort of.

Beautiful photograph.

RURAL said...

That is very similar to my "quiet spot" in my head. You know those bits of landscape that bring you solace, and peace. A beautiful shot.


Georgianna said...

A tremendously peaceful scene, Mary. I think THIS is one of the things you are meant to do - creating fabulous images to share with the world. – g