Monday, October 19, 2009


These pretty bi-colored carnations remind me of something out of a medieval manuscript. Can't you just imagine them growing in the cloistered garden of a monastery? They smell divine, too.

I've added a couple of textures here. Has anyone noticed that Blogger dims the exposure on your images a little? I'm thinking this looked a little brighter in Photoshop...

I wish you all a wonderful week. We're supposed to get some nicer weather which will be greeted with joy after the past several days of rain and cold. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

The photo is divine as well as the perfume. The textures are great, I must have a try of them!!

In the UK we haven't had much rain and the sun has been shining on the odd days and it is getting colder, especially at night.

We take our clocks back an hour this weekend, so it will be getting dark earlier.

Time for warm clothes, hot soup and a good warm round the fire!!

Best wishes, Jackie.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful flowers - I have never seen that variety of carnation before - wish I could smell them too.

Christina said...

so all these years, i have been just okay with carnations, and today you have made me adore them.

Mary said...

Actually I've never been a big fan either, Christina, but these have won me over. :)

S. Etole said...

Yes, I have noticed the dimming of the colors in my photos and wondered if there was anyway to correct it ... your photo is beautiful.

Char said...

gorgeous processing (as always)

storyteller said...

Beautiful image of this lovely blossom. I've noticed that some photos seem darker when I post them but I hadn't considered it to be a Blogger issue. Perhaps it is. Thanks for visiting each of my mosaics today. I do love Mondays and seeing what everyone shares.
Hugs and blessings,

elvira pajarola said...


Cara Mary ; your beautiful blogs are an absolutely JOY for me and I am very happy to enjoy this TREASURE every day!
Yesterday I received an AWARD from a very lovely Lady and I thought immediately of overbringing it to you!
As I though don't see any of these "awards" set in your blogs I almost believe you don't place them?
I hope it would not disturb you too much to step in to my TUSCANY to get a little glimps???

Thank you for your fabulous work and art and see you soon..!

have a beautiful evening;
ciao elvira

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

This is a beautiful image that you have created

margie said...

i love carnations cut very short in a stubby square vase. jammed together like a big pouf.

Marcie said...

Absolutely gorgeous use of textures. Love the colors in this.

Oliag said...

Beautiful! One of the prettiest carnation pics I have ever seen!

Nancy Medina said...

Another amazing image Mary. You are making your mark on the world.