Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Way Home

"Thus I, gone forth as spiders do
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning."
                                                 E.B. White


amanda said...

So delicate, and so alive in the morning dew. Love it!

And I'm loving this blog of yours, Miss Mary! The passion, the photos AND the quotes speak deeply to my heart.


Gawdess said...

stunning - truly

spread your wings said...

i'm so happy i found your blog. your work is gorgeous and i will enjoy coming back to view more.
My daughter and I started a photo blog together and we're trying to learn this art of blogging.

Country Girl said...

You always have the best poems.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That is a wonderful shot!

I went looking for some spider webs in my yard this morning, but couldn't find a single one!

Minna Dyer said...


That was my initial response.

Astrid Witte said...

wow, this picture is absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...