Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seeing Double

Do flowers have Siamese twins?  These two buds are cojoined, making one very unusual flower.


sonia a.m. said...

Amazing picture! I am enchanted!

Love your banner!

Shimmy Mom said...

How cool. What a unique find!

Stardust said...

Love the soft touch in your pictures. For this, what an unique find indeed!

Thank you for dropping by. I think I like your pictures more. =) Have a great week ahead.

Lew said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I finished the grass today, but with last nights inch of rain, it will need cutting again soon. I spent a few minutes scrolling through your blogs, both are very well done. I especailly like your pictures of flowers with rain drops and your sky watch. Excellent photography!

smilnsigh said...

Extremely unusual!

Could you sell it on eBay?<--Just joking but, it seems people sell everything, these days. ,-)

Miss Mari-Nanci